Monday, August 17, 2009

New tooth, New take on sleeping!

And back to Sea World we go! (This time with Poppa Dan in tow!)

Aidan may be handful sometimes, but he sure does love his sister!

Ella's 3-month pictures (taken by Mommy instead of professional - one of the many differences between first and second children!)

I know, I know, it has been too long. A friend told me last night that my last post was from Sea World, and it is truly depressing how quickly summer went by. I am going back to work tomorrow, and I am getting used to the fact that my children will (once again) be with the sitter more than they're with me. I love our sitter, but I wish I could be with them more. And, to reiterate how fast time is flying, Ellasyn got her first tooth today. She is only 3 1/2 months old! It is on her lower right gum, and I actually called the doctor because I was worried about the placement of this tooth. It is coming in where an eye tooth would, but the doctor didn't sound concerned. I think I am calling her office more now than I did with my first child! Things are different with Ella, and I guess I am just ecpecting it all to be like it was with Aidan.
I am not sure if it is from the teething or just from knowing that daycare is about to be full time, but she has also started not sleeping very well. I guess I should clarify: she is not going TO sleep very well. It is 9:00 and I can hear her crying from the Pack and Play in our room and Aidan laughing at his tv in his room. It is set on sleep timer, and it should be turning off at any point now, but he has become wise to the whole "sleep timer" thing and now he turns the tv back on. There have been many nights that Cory has come upstairs to come to bed only to find Aidan's tv still on at 11 or 12. Sometimes we catch him, sometimes we don't, but taking the remote away is NOT an option! There are many battles that I choose to fight with that kid, but this is not one of them!
He also has a new favorite song: "Walk the Dinosaur" (remember that one?). I am trying to use the iPod song list as a way to teach him his letters. I figure that, if he wants to hear a song badly enough, then he can at least memorize what the first letter of it looks like. We'll see if this method works. If not, we'll start Hooked on Phonics soon.
Summer was fun, but I know the real world awaits. I will be back in the same room - the only room I have ever called "my classroom". I will have a new group of 8 and 9 year olds, and I will have my phone on and close by every day in case Nannie calls with a problem. That will be my every day, and soon it will be summer again. It's really hard to believe that this time next year we will be getting Aidan ready for preschool. And I thought I was sad abotu Ella's first tooth!

Other firsts this summer:
1. First time to go places with 2 children (WAY more than 2 times crazier than with one kid!)
2. First time to blog!
3. First time Ella swam (or did anything, for that matter!)
4. First time for me to help build anything (and I wasn't much help - thanks, Poppa Dan and John! We love our kitchen bench!)
5. First time that Aidan has gone up 2 pant sizes in one season (yes, TWO pant sizes!)

I know there will be many more firsts to come. Can't wait!


  1. You didn't tell me about this blog!!! I am putting your link on mine. I am proud of you! Your kids are so beautiful!!

  2. Seriously, it's been a year since you last blogged. People might think you're busy with a real life or getting pregnant or something.