Monday, August 17, 2009

New tooth, New take on sleeping!

And back to Sea World we go! (This time with Poppa Dan in tow!)

Aidan may be handful sometimes, but he sure does love his sister!

Ella's 3-month pictures (taken by Mommy instead of professional - one of the many differences between first and second children!)

I know, I know, it has been too long. A friend told me last night that my last post was from Sea World, and it is truly depressing how quickly summer went by. I am going back to work tomorrow, and I am getting used to the fact that my children will (once again) be with the sitter more than they're with me. I love our sitter, but I wish I could be with them more. And, to reiterate how fast time is flying, Ellasyn got her first tooth today. She is only 3 1/2 months old! It is on her lower right gum, and I actually called the doctor because I was worried about the placement of this tooth. It is coming in where an eye tooth would, but the doctor didn't sound concerned. I think I am calling her office more now than I did with my first child! Things are different with Ella, and I guess I am just ecpecting it all to be like it was with Aidan.
I am not sure if it is from the teething or just from knowing that daycare is about to be full time, but she has also started not sleeping very well. I guess I should clarify: she is not going TO sleep very well. It is 9:00 and I can hear her crying from the Pack and Play in our room and Aidan laughing at his tv in his room. It is set on sleep timer, and it should be turning off at any point now, but he has become wise to the whole "sleep timer" thing and now he turns the tv back on. There have been many nights that Cory has come upstairs to come to bed only to find Aidan's tv still on at 11 or 12. Sometimes we catch him, sometimes we don't, but taking the remote away is NOT an option! There are many battles that I choose to fight with that kid, but this is not one of them!
He also has a new favorite song: "Walk the Dinosaur" (remember that one?). I am trying to use the iPod song list as a way to teach him his letters. I figure that, if he wants to hear a song badly enough, then he can at least memorize what the first letter of it looks like. We'll see if this method works. If not, we'll start Hooked on Phonics soon.
Summer was fun, but I know the real world awaits. I will be back in the same room - the only room I have ever called "my classroom". I will have a new group of 8 and 9 year olds, and I will have my phone on and close by every day in case Nannie calls with a problem. That will be my every day, and soon it will be summer again. It's really hard to believe that this time next year we will be getting Aidan ready for preschool. And I thought I was sad abotu Ella's first tooth!

Other firsts this summer:
1. First time to go places with 2 children (WAY more than 2 times crazier than with one kid!)
2. First time to blog!
3. First time Ella swam (or did anything, for that matter!)
4. First time for me to help build anything (and I wasn't much help - thanks, Poppa Dan and John! We love our kitchen bench!)
5. First time that Aidan has gone up 2 pant sizes in one season (yes, TWO pant sizes!)

I know there will be many more firsts to come. Can't wait!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

To Sea World, and BEYOND!

So, we left last Wednesday for our family vacation. We didn't get to go to Florida this year because Cory took off when we had Ella, so he had very few days left. We decided to take our crew to Sea World. Of course, Ella was not all that impressed, but Aidan really loved it. The kid loves animals, especially "swimmers". Any water animal has been dubbed "swimmer" in this house. Not sure why or where it came from, but that is what it is!
Anyway, Cory got off a little early on Wed and we headed for San Antonio. We hit Austin at a bad time, and Ella cried for the whole trip through the city. Aidan was talking about going to Sea World that day, and he proceeded to throw a fit when he found out that he was not going THAT day but instead had to wait until the next morning. Needless to say, the trip itself was not the most fabulous experience, but it was memorable! When we got to the hotel (thanks to our new be-fri Garmin), we were a little disappointed. It was not quite as luxurious as the Internet had promised, but there was room for everyone and free waffles in the morning. My husband loves free stuff...
That night started off with a bang. Within 25 minutes of checking in and getting settled, Aidan vomited on the floor in the hotel room. We got it cleaned up, but we were smelling it for the next 24 hours! Once we determined that he was not sick (I had forgotten to give him his medicine in the packing commotion of the morning that day), so we decided to go swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel. I had been sure to get a hotel with an indoor pool, and I will not make that mistake again. The pool was warm (which sounds like a good thing until you actually get into it, then you just think of how it is the same temperature as urine and your wondering who was previously in that spot in the pool). The tile was slippery and I was carrying an infant, and every noise was amplified by the floors and wall. Areas that amplify noise do NOT go well with my son! We got out of there, got showered, and got snuggled into bed with dreams of Shamu in our heads. Only we couldn't sleep because the bed was lumpy and the pillows were terrible and someone outside the window was making weird noises. We got up about 6:30 the next morning, still bumbling from having little sleep, and prepared for a day of fun. To start: free waffles. Then, to Sea World! Only we hadn't checked to see what time it opened and it turns out we were about an hour early. We consulted Garmin and found the nearest Wal Mart. It was not in a good part of town, and it was a little scary, to be honest. We did see Bridget Tidwell (Binning) there, though. We got Aidan a t-shirt and we found a cover for the stroller for Ella. Not an eventful trip, but if you could've seen the Wal Mart I think you would be as happy about that as we were!
We get to the park as it was opening, park the car, and spend the next 20 minutes getting ready to go in. I am not kidding - 20 minutes. Those of you with children understand this. Those of you without children will understand this some day. We get everything ready and finally start walking to the gates. This took another 10 minutes and I thought Aidan's head was going to explode before we got there. Poor thing - he had been so patient!

We get in and go to the dolphins first. Cory bought some fish and we got to feed them and pet them. I have always wanted to touch a dolphin, and I finally got to. Aidan was nervous about touching one, so he just fed them fish. Ella just sat in her stroller and looked around like she was better than all of it, which was the prevalent theme with her that day. We went to 3 shows, mainly just to have time to sit in the shade and get Ellasyn out of her car seat. I know it was tough on her to be in there all day, but we just couldn't walk her around in the sun. Her sun hat is too big, and the only purpose it really seems to serve is to make her mad, so we found shade when we could and I nursed or we just played. Aidan rode his first roller coaster and went on his first water slide. He really had a great time (with the exception of a few melt downs). We all did, but we knew when it was time to go and Aidan didn't even argue about it. We got back to the hotel that night and stripped down! We turned that air all the way down and just spread out on the bed, trying to cool off. After we had showered, we went out to eat. I wanted to go to the River Walk, but we knew the kids couldn't handle any more walking that day. We ended up at the Market Place, which was about 3 blocks from our hotel. The restaurant was called La Margarita, but it was not the La Margarita that we frequented in Round Rock. No, this was a little more expensive and a lot less delicious. The mango margarita was good, but I swear my burrito had canned chicken in it. The wait was awful, and the service was not good. The mariachi bands kept coming up and asking if they could play the baby a song. I just kept telling them no because she "was fussy", but really I didn't want it. I mean, to just sit there while someone plays you a song that you are pretty sure not to enjoy because it's not your type of music, then to have to pay them and wonder if you paid too much or too little... not for me.

Aidan cooling off at hotel. Don't tell hotel manager about the coach in room 221!

Ella cooling off at hotel - spread eagle! The strategic diaper placement is for her own good!

We got home that night and crashed. We got up the next day, had some more free breakfast, and headed to the outlet mall in San Marcos. We found some good stuff (I LOVE Banana Republic!), and Aidan insisted that we eat at a Red Lobster. He had been asking for fish since the previous day at Sea World. Garmin found us a Red Lobster close by, we ate (listening to Aidan tell tales of Red Snapper the ENTIRE meal - not exaggerating!), then we headed home.
It was a good trip, and I thank God that we got home safely and we all had such a good time (except the little princess...:) I know we are very, very blessed to be able to spend time like that with each other and I hope we have many more memories like this one to come. Just to see Aidan's little face when he finally saw that hammerhead shark, well, it was worth the melt downs and the traffic. It was even worth the $15 canned chicken burrito that we had to wait until 9:30 pm to get. Not so sure it was worth the incessant rambling about red snapper fish, but, hey, it's another memory! I'll take all of those I can get because these kids are growing up too fast already.

Cory and Aidan on the kid version of the Cliffhanger. Aidan loved it and kept telling the kid next to him not to worry!

This is what Aidan had been talking about for weeks - the SHARKS!!! There is one behind them (can you see it?).

Ellasyn is not having as good of a time as Aidan.

But she knows how to turn on the charm!

Cory explaining to a disappointed Aidan that he is not big enough to ride that coaster yet.

Mommy and Aidan riding the Shamu coaster. We waited in line for 20 minutes and when we got up there Aidan decided that he didn't want to go. I made him walk to the gate anyway, and once he saw the killer whales painted on the coaster he changed his mind. He loved it, but I did not want to wait in that line again! Too much more to see!

Everyone was glad to be home, resume their places in the Smith living room, and watch Kung Fu Panda (again)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So, last week was Ella's first day at Nannie's house. I only left her for 3 hours, and she had plenty of milk I had saved up. I knew Aidan would be there with her, and I trust Nannie entirely with my children. Still, there's something about leaving that new baby that first time....
Anyway, I took this right before we left the house. I couldn't have taken it any later because: 1) we were late getting there (we're always late these days!), and 2) Ella cries immediately after realizing she is being buckled into the car seat. Don't know why because she likes the car as long as it is moving.
The first day Nannie called after Ella had been there 30 minutes because I had forgotten to tell her when I last fed her. I had already had a slightly tearful conversation with Cory on the way to brunch at Susan's that day after leaving her, so I was even more stressed when Nannie called and told me Ella was crying. The girls got my mind off of it, so the rest of the short time flew by.
The next week I had a workshop 2 days, so I had to leave Ella ALL DAY Thursday. I ended up having to go to Nannie's around lunch time to see if Ellasyn would take a bottle from me. She wouldn't take one from Nannie. I got there and tried, but it turns out the kid just wasn't hungry. She was fine after that. I know Nannie takes care of my babies, and Aidan loves going there and being with his friends. Ella will get to that point too. But will I?
Being a mommy is hard work. It isn't because of the actual physical work involved (well, sometimes it is...), it is mainly due to the emotional toll that EVERYTHING seems to take on you. You seem to feel guilty about something all of the time, whether it is disciplining your child or just not spending that extra 5 minutes to read that dinosaur book for the 20th time that day. There is always something to worry about. Sometimes it is paying for college, sometimes it is that you forgot to brush his teeth, and sometimes it is worry that something will happen to you and no one can take care of those babies the way you do.
There is always something to worry about, but there is always something to be joyful about as well. I thank God every day for what He has given me.
And, of course, I ask to win the lottery. Can't hurt, right?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello, all! Some friends of mine convinced me that I needed to start blogging to keep a record of my family's growth and progress, so here it is. Don't know how often I will be able to update, but I like to think I will stay on top of it. I have a feeling that most posts will be done with a baby attached to me, so please forgive any spelling or punctuation errors! Typing with one hand is not easy!
So, to begin, let me apologize to Jill, who I will probably be copying on here often. She always has wonderful lists of things her daughter likes or is doing, so I will start with one of those for both kids.

Aidan is 3 1/2 years old, and has his own idea of how things should be done. And when I say that, I mean that if you don't do them his way, he will most likely be throwing some form of a tantrum. I know, he's only three, but we still try to discipline when needed. It's tough!

born November 8, 2005
Here's your list, son:
1. You are stubborn
2. You can throw a temper tantrum like none other!
3. You have beautiful blue eyes and use them to your benefit whenever possible
4. You are very loving and sweet when you want to be
5. You can go from a tantrum to sweet in 3 seconds... (you get that from your daddy!)
6. You are all of the sudden growing so much that your clothes are too small!
7. You are the best big brother ever
8. You love to give hugs (and I love them too!)
9. You play with my hair all the time- you have done that since you were a baby
10. You love Transformers, Ninja Turtles, dinosaurs, and alligators. You pretty much love all animals.

I know you will do some great things some day. You have already started doing that by being yourself every day. Let's just work on the fits, ok?

Ella is our little princess, and she seems to know it already! She is 9 1/2 weeks old, and she is so pretty! She does NOT like to be put down, and usually screams if you do that. She would eat constantly if I let her. She is not fat, but she like to make sure that nipple is always within reach. She can throw some pretty mean fits already too!

born April 30, 2009
Here's your list, daughter:
1. You have some gorgeous curly eyelashes
2. You have a mixture of Poppa Dan's ears and your daddy's ears
3. You are smiling and cooing and gooing now - so precious!
4. You have no hair except a little rectangle on the back of your head
5. You are in the 80th % for length, 70th % for weight, and 10th% for head circumference. Not sure what happened there, because Aidan's head was BIG!
6. You wake up if there is not noise (like if Aidan is sleeping). You are used to noise and must have it!
7. You LOVE your big brother. You watch him talk to you and he is the only one who can get you to stop crying sometimes.
8. You sleep in the Pack and Play in Mommy and Daddy's room. It's not your room, but it's better than in the bed with us!
9. You still eat about every 2 hours
10. You had your first day at Nannie's last week, and this week you will go for 2 whole days!

You are a precious addition to our family, and we are so glad that you are here. You have such quirky little traits right now, and I know we will only get to know your little personality better and better. I can't wait!

I always wanted to have a boy, then a girl. I have been so blessed to have a healthy family and it is exactly what I have always wanted. I know the Lord has been good to my family and me, and I just pray the blessings keep coming!